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The Miku AMG is Ready! This Report Just in from Shun!


Following her nightmarish crash, the Miku AMG has risen once more!  All that’s left to do is the wrapping?  lol

In other words, despite all that’s happened, we’ll be ready in time!  And Shun has provided us with this report on that very moment things take shape, so let’s take a look.


Last night

We finished assembling the AMG GT3!

20160628 gsr 1

20160628 gsr 2

The New Miku AMG is ready!

Everything from the inner frame on out has been replaced.

The very last step was installing the front windshield.

20160628 gsr 3

This looks like a shot out of a horror movie of something…. lol

Team Coordinator Takezawa brought us some donuts to cheer us on. (^^)

Today we’ll configure the alignment, and then our preparations will be complete!

20160628 gsr 4

20160628 gsr 6

Tomorrow we’ll pack everything up, and then head off to so some tire testing!

- Shunsuke



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