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The Engine Finally Arrived from Germany!


Don’t tell me we won’t have the MY14 ready by the first race…?  This is what we were all thinking, but one way or another the engine and all the other parts have arrived safely from Germany, and us mechanics are overjoyed!  Of course, we’re all ecstatic!  I wonder if it will be ready in time for the test run at Fuji International Speedway this weekend?  (Way to lay on the pressure – lol!)________________________________________________

Finally – finally! – it’s here!!!

The second shipment of parts from Germany!

20140320 engine 1

And the engine’s in there!

20140320 engine 2

And the transmission’s in there!

20140320 engine 3

And the transmission’s in there!

20140320 engine 4

And the front windshield is in there, too!

All the vital parts have arrived!

There are still a few that are missing, but it seems like they’re all scheduled to arrive this week, too.

For the next week, all the mechanics will be working their hardest to have the car put together by the test run at Fuji International Speedway!

20140320 engine 5

For example, they worked until about 1am last night – take a look.

But don’t worry!

Back when Amemiya totaled his RX-7 in a crash, they had a new car put together for him in just two weeks, and built a JAF-GT IS  from scratch in just 2 months…

This is nothing compared to that!  We have some amazing mechanics!!

But as for me I’m…

20140320 engine 6

studying!  lol

There’s a National Mechanics’ Qulification Exam next weekend.

I’m not taking it because I plan on becoming a mechanic, but because I entered a mechanics’ school. (>_<)

So I’ll be taking some time away from work this week, but still plan on bringing you updates as usual.

I hope you’ll all be cheering for the RS Fine mechanics as they assemble the Z4 this week!

Well then everyone, look on with baited breath!

I say baited breath because there’s still the slight chance that it won’t be ready in time…

~ Shunsuke



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