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Thai Pack-Up Report from Shun!


After being displayed at Magical Mirai, the Miku AMG when straight over to Thailand!  And this report from Shun on packing it all up is just in!


Last Tuesday, in preparation for the Super GT Round 7 race in Thailand, we packing up the car and tools in a shipping container and sent them forth on the voyage ahead of us!

20160920 gsr 1

I couldn’t believe it was pouring rain! (T_T)

20160920 gsr 2

All openings on the car were covered up like this,

20160920 gsr 3

and all the other supplies were wrapped and packed, with customs documentation attached to each and every one.

Well, the next we’ll see the Miku AMG will be in 3 weeks at the round in Thalind!

It was really hard work loading all of this into a container in the pouring rain… (>_<)

We’ll be waiting to see you again across the sea (^^)/

If you’re thinking “Thailand is far away!”, keep in mind that there’s a live viewing being held in Odaiba.  Check out the details below!

>> Thai Race Live Viewing Tickets

- Shunsuke



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