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Suzuki Test Report from Shun


Shun’s written us up a report on the two days he hung out at the Suzuka Circuit GT Tire Test last week!

There was an unfortunate accident, resulting in a cancellation of the SUGO test…

Which you can read all about in Shun’s in-depth report!


There was a GT Tire Test held at the Suzuka Circuit over 2 days.

20160613 gsr 1

And we had all kinds of tire tests lined up.

20160613 gsr 2

Rain was forecast for the first day, but fortunately track conditions were mostly dry for the day. (^^)

We came in 2nd place for the morning.

20160613 gsr 3

And in the afternoon, we were on top!

20160613 gsr 4

In preparation for the super endurance race, I took notes while viewing the in-car feed.

20160613 gsr 5

We were going though our scheduled testing as usual on day 2, when there was an unfortunate accident.

Kataoka was behind the wheel, and thankfully he walked away with only minor injuries.

After that, the remainder of our scheduled testing was cancelled, and we spent the afternoon packing up.

We had a lot of spectators out there, even though it was only a tire test – so we’re very sorry to you all.

The car is now undergoing repair.

As GSR announced earlier today, we’ll be forfeiting our participation in the Sugo Test.

- Shunsuke



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