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Suzuka Finals Day Report from a Mechanic’s Perspective!


Picking up where yesterday’s qualifying left off, I’ve just received this finals report from Shun!

So here you go!

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The Super GT Round 6 Suzuka 1000km race.

We started the final race in role 17!

20140903 shun 01

20140903 shun 02

And we finished in 5th!

There were collisions, burst tires, and all kinds of other trouble on the track, but the safety car never came out, and there was no surprise rain shower in the middle of the race – overall, it was much more peaceful finish compared to the usual 1000km race.

Since the Miku Z4 also didn’t experience anything out of the ordinary, we were able to pull off our “Before you know it, the #4 is coming out ahead” strategy, little by little working our way up the ladder.

During both the first and the second stint, we got stuck behind cars we couldn’t pass, which in turn prevented us from increasing our speed.

It’s incredibly hard for GT class cars to overtake on the Suzuka track, but this holds especially true for the Z4, which is slow in straightaways to begin with.  Add to that the weight handicap, and we’re at least 10km/h slower than the GT-R, the fastest 300 class car, every lap.  Once we did catch up to a car, and get a lead in a corner, the car would just pull ahead again in the straight away – creating a test of endurance for the drivers.

From the third stint and beyond, we were able to drive in more or less open areas of the track, where Taniguchi and Kataoka were able to show their stuff.  They were able to complete laps with stable time and speed.

In the very last few laps, with its overwhelming speed, we were passed by the #10 SLS, but our plan was an overall success, and we were able to cross the finish line in 5th place, earning us 8 points and putting us that much closer to becoming season champion.

20140903 shun 03

It sure feels good going out to meet the car on pit road after it’s crossed the finish line (^ ^)/

We were even able to climb back up to 1st place in point ranking!!

With only a 2 point lead, we don’t have any elbow room to speak of whatsoever, but now we all feel especially motivated to win ♪

I’d like to give a big thank you to everyone who came out to the track, as well as everyone who cheered us on in front of the tv or computer throughout the the long 1000km race! (^ ^)/

Well, then!  The next race is going to be our one and only round outside of Japan – the Thailand race!

We still have no idea what kind of course it is, what sort of cars will have an advantage, and which tires will be the best match, but against this backdrop we’ve got 2 good drivers and a great team, so we hope you’ll expect big things as you cheer us on!

20140903 shun 04

By the way, I’ll be competing an opening race for the F1 Japan Grand Prix, the “Super FJ Dream Cup Race,” so I won’t be going to the race in Thailand!

Let’s all send them our support from Japan!

-  Shunsuke



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