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Suzaku Report – Driver Taniguchi’s Shocking Transfer!?


Alright, everyone!  It’s time for our last installment from the Suzuka tire test run!  Thanks for all your hard work, Shun!

But what’s this about Taniguchi!?


Today started with a shocker right from the get-go.

It was only 30 min before run-time, and we were just about to start heating up the engine when we looked over at the McLaren team next to us and…

20140304 test 1

Wha-what!?  Is that Tainguchi sitting in the driver’s seat!?

Don’t tell me this is his way of delivering a shocking transfer?

We all got kind of worried, but 30 minutes later he had changed into his GSR suit and climbed into the Z4.

20140304 test 2

Phew!  That was a close call – lol.

Today’s testing was under clear blue skies, and we were able to do all kinds of dry tire tests!

20140304 test 3

I took this picture above with my cell phone while pulling out a sign board, but it turned out pretty good.  Let me pat myself on the back a bit – lol.

I changed out way too many tires and think my muscles will be aching tomorrow – lol.

Time-wise, things went rather well today, too.  On the second day we placed 2nd in the GT300 class!

20140304 test 4

Let me say this again in case you’ve forgotten, but this is the 2011 car!

You may think it’s doing pretty well, but just you wait until you’ve seen the new car!

And that’s how day 2 came to a close.

20140304 test 5

On March 1, we returned back to RS Fine.

And remember how we were all bummed about being one card short of having a wafer card complete collection?  We stopped at Family Mart on the way and…

20140304 test 6     20140304 test 7

bought another whole box!  Now our collection is complete and we can all be satisfied – lol!

Finally, let me leave you with a heart warming story…

Today (2/28), during the morning test, when a GT500 class car caught on fire, 2 cars that were behind him pulled over and helped put out the flames.

One of the cars is even from a different maker.  Even though there are usually sparks flying in the heat of battle, it’s really amazing to see everyone come together and help out when someone’s in danger.

20140304 test 8

This accident happened after Taniguchi had passed them in the Z4, or I’m sure he would have been on the scene, too.

And that’s a wrap for day 2 of the test run.

So what did you think of these reports?

I plan to write more reports like this and put them up during race weeks!

In the end there will be quite a lot, but I think it’s still rather unusual for a team to share so much information like this, so I’m not worried.  lol

Next time, I plan on showing you more about assembling the new car we’ve received from the factory, so please stay tuned.

- Shunsuke



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