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Sugo Race is Almost Here! Shun’s F4 Test Report!


Last year, Shun stood on the victory stand at Sugo.  And he intends to do the same thing this year!

Without further ado, I present to you this report on the recent F4 Test.


Three days last week, over July 6-8, we ran F4 testing at the Sportsland Sugo track!

20160711 gsr 1

20160711 gsr 2

20160711 gsr 3

Conditions on the first day were wet, the second day was dry, and day three had both wet and dry conditions, providing lots of opportunity to drive in all sorts of combinations.

We changed up all types of settings, much more than time would generally allow during an average race week.

We found some good combinations, raising the overall level of the car.  We tried out a qualifying simulation with new tires as well.

Sugo was even kind enough to participate in the starting practice.

20160711 gsr 4

All the donations we’ve received from Personal Sponsors played a big part in making this valuable testing session possible!

And I’ll to all I can to show my appreciation, by performing well in the race!

There’s not much time until the Sugo race, but I’ll continue to preserve my condition to race at my very best.

I hope you’ll all be cheering my on!

- Shunsuke



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