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SUGO Race Finals Report


I’ve received this incredibly downtrodden report from Shun, so please let me share it with you.

Despite the disappointment, from the Fuji race forward, we’ll hopefully be able to make up for it.


We finished in 15th place.

As there was thick fog on Saturday, qualifying was held on Sunday morning.

With Taniguchi behind the wheel, we made it to 10th.  Considering the amount of rain, the tires equipped, the 80kg weight handicap, and that of the three z4′s racing we were in front, I think this is probably the best position we could have gotten.

And then the whole time leading up to the finals, it kept raining off and on, but right before the race the track was practically dry except for a trace of water.

20140722 sugo 01     20140722 sugo 02

The race started with Driver Kataoka!

All the cars were outfitted with slick tires, but it started to pour right in the middle of the formation lap…

So the GSR car headed for the pit and changed them out for rain tires!

But… the rain let up immediately, so he had make another pit stop to have them changed back.

We were incredibly behind at that point.

In accordance with race regulations, the third pit stop can be made up until lap 54, so we dragged it out as long as we could.  I was praying that it would start raining but…

Without a drop of rain falling, we left the tires as-is and refueled, switching out drivers to Taniguchi before heading out of the pit!

And at that very moment, it started to pour.

Since we’d already made it that far, we had no choice but to fight!

So he headed back to the pit, and we traded the tires out to intermediates!

After leaving the pit, he was able to drive fast for a few laps, but soon after that the rain stopped again…

We crossed the finish line in 15th place.

20140722 sugo 03

Other high-ranking teams were also unable to perform well this race, our status of point leader remains unchanged.

We’re all full of regret that this was our second race in a row with a no-point finish, but despite everything we did to get ahead in this race it all backfired.  There are times when everything goes according to plan, and other races when it doesn’t.

But the next race will be at Fuji International Speedway, which is a good match for our car!  And as we’re still aiming to become the season champions, there’s a lot riding on the next race.

We hope for your continued support!

20140722 sugo 04


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