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Shun’s Suzuka F4 Report!


This report on the Suzuka Race just in from Shun!  Races in the rain sure are the toughest ones…


Super GT Round 6
FIA-F4 Round 11-12

First off is the race I participated in, the FIA-F4.

20160907 gsr 1

As for the results…


Round 11  10th

Round 12  11th

20160907 gsr 2

20160907 gsr 3


Round 11  13th

Round 12  9th

Though it was the most crowded course of the season, the Suzuka Circuit is something of my home course, so I was feeling psyched.

But I was unable to boost my speed much from the practice, putting me in 6th-8th place.

In reflection, I’d say my times were up by 0.2 seconds, but with just a small slip-up in the qualifying I fell to a dissatisfying 10th place.  As for Round 11, I made a lot of poor decisions that took me off course several times, landing me in 13th.

As for Round 12, there was nothing I could do out in the rain, and before I knew it the race had ended.

It was a thoroughly pathetic performance.

The only races left in the F4 will be at Motegi.

I hope to show you some improvement by then, so I’ll try my best to prepare for the next two months!

Now on the the Super GT!

20160907 gsr 4

20160907 gsr 5

I was unfortunately not there…

But they had both speed and strength.  Unfortunately, luck was not on our side.

The timing of the safety car was most unfortunate for GSR.

In other news, right after the race my dad went on to the Super Endurance Fuji Race, meaning that all he could say for three whole days – yes, the whole time – was, “Aghhh, if only we’d gone into the pit just two laps earlier… If only…”  He was really put out.

In other news, this time I went to pay a visit to our fans in the reserved fans seating! (^^)/

20160907 gsr 6

They even let me wave one of the flags! (^^)/

We’re truly grateful to all our fans who wave their flags lap after lap.

You may not know this, but even while the racers are driving, they can clearly see all those flags!

The next GT race will be in Thailand.

I think it will be a good track for the AMG, but nonetheless we still hope you’ll be cheering us on!

- Shunsuke



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