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Shun’s SUGO Test Report!


This report just in from Shun, who went along for the tire manufacturer test held last week at Miyagi prefecture’s Sportsland SUGO.

We’re definitely taking Shun along to the next GSR cup!


Here’s my report on the SUGO tire testing held last week!  Sorry for the delay.

But, before I get to that…

The GSR Cup sure looked like a lot of fun!  I saw what everyone was saying on Twitter and around the web, and it looks like you had a blast! (^^)/  Seeing Ukyo getting pushed into the pool like that was beyond shocking though!! lol

Moving on!  The SUGO Tire Manufacturer Test was scheduled to take place over 2 days, but rain was forecast for both days, and we were only able to test for 1 day in the end.

20160517 gsr 1

20160517 gsr 2

Taniguchi was only going to drive on day 2, so Kataoka was the only driver for the testing in the end.

20160517 gsr 3

I was something like a data engineer this time around, so I became good friends with the computer.  lol

20160517 gsr 4

We were testing out various types of rain tires, and it was the first rain test since we switched to the AMG GT3, so I went about changing all of the settings.

Kataoka said that the AMG GT3 seems to have a strong down force, making it handle well in the rain (^^)/

Even though day 2 was cancelled…

It looked like this all day at the circuit.

20160517 gsr 6

The fog was so thick you couldn’t see anything (>_<)

I’m glad was cancelled the day before, and not the day of.

Well, next up is the Suzuka Tire Test!

- Shunsuke



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