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Shun’s Qualifying Report


Super GT, Round 5.  GSR finished in 4th place.  And even though the race has just finished, we’ve got a report in from Shun, so please give it a read!



The weather looked foreboding, but all of the GT300 class cars were able to race with dry tires.

20140811 shun 01

During the free practice time, the pace car kept indecisively going on and off the track, but we were able to try out a variety of different set-ups.  Though we weren’t able to find a setting that we liked in the end, we changed our set up for the qualifying based on those findings, and it seemed like we’d be able to race with a good balance during the qualifying!

20140811 shun 02

We finished in…


In front of us are 4 JAF-GT cars, as well as 2 GT-R that perform best in straightaways, so with the thought that finishing the qualifying just behind them is the best that we can do, everyone’s satisfied with out results (^^)/


How much you ask?  Well…  Enough for the drivers to jump right in during our NicoNico live webcast – lol.


Well, with the typhoon scheduled to hit, there’s no telling how the weather will be, but all of us mechanics will be there on the scene, doing everything we can to get even one more point!  Finals report to follow soon.

20140811 shun 03

20140811 shun 04

- Shunsuke

Looking good, right!



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