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Shun’s Fuji Race Report!


This report on the Fuji Race just in from Shun, so let’s take a look!

The way Race 3 unfolded was especially unfortunate…


Super GT Round 5

SIA-F4 Rounds 5, 9 & 10

The races were all held last weekend.

As for things over at the GT,

starting at the Saturday’s qualifying, both drivers Taniguchi and Kataoka’s performance was excellent, allowing them to grab role 5 for the final race.

20160812 gsr 1

Kataoka started the race; he completed his laps without issue and then headed for the pit.

After changing the left two tires and swapping drivers, Taniguchi drove out.

20160812 gsr 2

The way they both managed the tires was amazing.

During the final lap in the last corner, we just barely pulled ahead of car #88, but the Huracan excels in straightaways and pulled ahead by a nose, putting us in 5th place by 0.006 seconds…  Talk about close!

This time, the F4 races were after the GT so I wasn’t able to pay close attention… Sorry for the simplified summary… (>_<)

Now on to the FIA-F4 that I raced in.

20160812 gsr 3

Things were going good from the warm-up, so I was aiming to finish in first.

I was unable to use a slip to my advantage during the qualifying, putting me in role 6, but I was glad to not face the type of failures that have chased me this season, and with role 6 at the Fuji track I’d still have a chance to finish on top.

On to the finals!

20160812 gsr 4

I couldn’t gain any speed during Round 5, making it quite a weak race.  A collision in Round 9 caused me to lose rank, but was still one of my stronger races this season.  I can only imagine what would have happened without that collision in the first lap…

20160812 gsr 5

As for Round 10, though I went into the race all gung-ho, thanks to a few people who didn’t follow the rules it all went up in smoke.

It’s my own fault for not placing better, but in reflection I at least wish I’d gotten to see the checkered flag.

There was a collision just before the final lap, and a car spun out right before my eyes.  I was unable to dodge it and ended up crashing myself.

Everyone who came to cheer me on after the GT race was over, and who was cheering me on via the net, etc, I can only express my deepest apologies at how this race concluded.

The next race will be at Suzuka.  It’s something like my home course.  I plan on putting this all behind me, and focusing on making this one of my fastest and strongest races yet!

Please cheer on the #4 in both the GT and the F4!

- Shunsuke




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