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Shun’s Finals Report!


The Super GT Race 5 Fuji International Speedway Round

We started the final race in role 7! <– But as the safety car was out at the start of the race, I feel kinda sorry for Driver Kataoka.

When the safety car starts out the race, all the cars fall into a single file, but usually all the cars would be lined up in pairs.  That’s the difference.

20140812 shun 01


But in the end, we were able to cross the finish line in 4th place.

The #11 Gainer finished in 2nd place, so we fell a bit in terms of point ranking, but I think we really did all we could in terms of making this the best possible race.

It’s really hard to formulate a strategy for a race like last Sunday’s, and no matter what you do in the end it’s going to be a challenge.

As always, no matter how quickly we go the car out of the pit before other teams, the race could suddenly be called to a halt, and half of the points would be awarded based on that ranking…  At least there was that possibility, and it was also difficult to enter the pit at the minimum mark, so even though you could say we stretched out the pit stop as much as possible, as long as the race didn’t get called off, as long as the safety car didn’t come out from the first half to the middle of the race, making the pit stop anywhere in there was probably a good choice…

As for the tires, we would have chosen intermediate if it was certain not to rain, but on a race like Sunday where we couldn’t predict what was going to happen at all, it was a tough choice to make.  All in all, you could say this kind of race is a big headache for the engineers.

Well, while all that was going on, the car pulled into the pit in lap 32, the car was passed to Driver Taniguchi, we refueled, and we also decided to switch out to intermediate tires.  This was probably the best strategical decision for this race.

20140812 shun 02

Everything went so smoothly, I think you can call this the best pit stop all year…

For the last 10 laps, the rain picked up significantly so the safety car came out, and we finished the race just like that, in 4th place.

I think the decision at that moment, to have everyone finish just like that behind the safety car, was the right choice in terms of controlling the race.  Even though most cars were equipped with rain tires, most of them had practically worn down to slicks at that point.

But not only that, despite the chaotic weather, all the cars were still in the race!  That’s pretty surprising when you think about it!

Even though we dropped out of first place, the second half of the season has just begun!

We’d like to give a big thanks to all our fans out there, who in the midst of the rain and strong winds cheered us on the very end, even waving our banner in the stands.  It was nothing more than your support that got us through to the very end of this race.

As for the next race at Suzuka, we plan to get all hyped up at the 50th Race Commemorative Party and then let’s wage our revenge for what happened last year!

20140812 shun 03

- Shunsuke


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