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Shun’s F4 & GT Fuji Race Report


This report on the F4 and GT races by F4 Driver Shun is just in.

Must have been rough, having to retire from the F4 face!

Read on to learn more!


Super GT Round 2
FIA-F4 Rounds 3 & 4

20160509 gsr 1

As for the FIA-F4 results:

Round 3:  retired

Round 4:  5th

Practice was going well, and I hoping to attain a good place in the qualifying, but unfortunately got 10th and 8th.

For the Round 3 final race, I was able to switch gears and go in with a good attitude but…

Immediately following the start, I was rear-ended the 1st corner, and like that I had to retire.

20160509 gsr 2

Including the Okayama race it was the second time in a row I had to retire, but I knew I had to get it out of my system quickly.  If I couldn’t race in Round 3, I had make up for it double time in Round 4.

20160509 gsr 3

I was able to work around a collision in front of me during the first lap, and entered lap 2 in 4th place, but in the next corner, I looked in my mirror I saw a car creeping up that definitely couldn’t stop.  Mustering all my courage, I let up on the left handle a bit, allowing for the least amount of collision and loss as I returned to the course.

The whole time I had this advice from Kataoka running through my head, “You want to be able to see the course from a birds-eye-view,  and also have the courage to go off course, to avoid having to retire if you’re hit.”

20160509 gsr 4

I dropped down to 7th or 8th place, and did all I could to fight my way ahead.

For the first half, that was basically a lost effort as I made a lot of mistakes, but for the second half I was able to regain focus and pass some cars.

When I got into 5th place, all of the other cars were way ahead of me, so I finished the race in 5th.

I think I still lack both the speed and the skill.  I’ve got a lot to work on before the next races at Sugo.

Also on all GT, F4, and PCCJ cars…

20160509 gsr 5

20160509 gsr 6

we put the “You can do it, Kumamoto!” Kumamon mascot stickers.

I truly hope that all areas effected by the recent earthquake are able to recover as soon as possible.
And I also hope to find something that I personally can do to help.

You can do it!  Kumamoto!
You can do it!  Kyushu!


Now moving on to the GT.

20160509 gsr 7

This was a 500km endurance race.

Though we should be well suited to a long distance race…

We had a burst tire, increasing our number of pit stops…

20160509 gsr 8

And the race turned out quite different than we expected.  We finished in 18th place.

Yes…  That is frustrating!!

We’ve got to turn things around by the Sugo race!

A big thank you to everyone who came out in person to cheer us on, and who showed their support via Twitter and our live viewing!

Neither the GT nor the F4 are over yet!

- Shunsuke



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