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Shun’s Bitter 2nd Place Victory at Suzuka!


At his Suzuka race, Shun came in 1st during qualifying, but finished 2nd in the finals.  I was thinking this was pretty good myself, but he said, “Second place just isn’t going to cut it!”

So here I present to you his blog post, full of that disappointment.


On May 11, when everyone at GSR was conducting the tire test at Sugo, Round 3 of the Suzuku Clubman was being held at the Suzaku Circuit.  And I was racing in that race.

As for the results…

Qualifying   1st

Finals           2nd

20140515 shun 1

There were practice runs on Friday and Saturday, with both the qualifying and finals on Sunday.  During the Friday run I experienced some transmission trouble, and had to take it apart then and there to fix it.

20140515 shun 2

As there wasn’t much time to drive on Friday, my times were terrible and we all struggled through it.  After the run we went over the performance logs, and went into Saturday with the thought that I’d still have the chance to drive again.

Our strategy for Saturday was to use new tires, and while our stats were improved across the board, there were other drivers out there racing with old tires getting the same times as the day before, I knew we still had to improve somewhere.

Qualifying on Sunday was for 15 minutes.  I went in full force and my tires had just reached their prime when all of a sudden there was a yellow flag drawn in the last corner…

One the yellow flag was lifted, I was able to focus on making the last stretch really count, and was able to get the pole position by just a hair!

During the final race, even the start went off without a hitch, and I was able to maintain the top position through the first corner.  But on the next lap a car was able to get a lead in the first corner, and though I pulled ahead in the second corner, he overtook me in the third.  And after that my impatience and other misjudgements caused the gap to widen even further, and I crossed the finish line in 2nd place.

20140515 shun 3

Considering that I was able to improve my car’s performance during the practice enough to attain the pole position, I think this was a good race.  But that’s also the reason I really wanted to win in the finals…  I don’t really mean to feel like I’ve lost, but I also think I could have done better.

Thank you all, to everyone who was cheering me on.

As I’m still in 1st in overall point ranking for the Suzuka Series, I intend to win the next race and widen the point gap even further!

20140515 shun 4

Please cheer me on next time, too!

-  Shunsuke



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