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Shun’s Behind the Sceens Report on his GT Debut!


Still in his teens, Shun made his flamboyant GT debut the other day, but there was a lot of hard work behind it all.

Here he’s provided this report, giving us a glance behind the scenes!


Well, even though I was able to finish my GT debut without a scratch,

there were quite a few incidents….

For one, I forgot my camera.

Last week, I received the in-car data from Taniguchi, and he also let me borrow his GoPro.

I planned on taking it with me into the car, to check my cornering and stuff, so I wanted to leave it charging at the shop until the last minute… Or so I thought, but in the end… (+_+)

20140627 shun 01

I left it at the shop just like this.

But fortunately Kataoka had one too, and let me borrow his!  Thanks to him I was able to really get the most out of my in-car experience.

Second off, I couldn’t buy a racing ticket.

On the morning of the first day, I went to the racing window and asked for a “4S class” racing ticket.  I showed the attendant at Suzuka my license for the track, and they said,

“Sir, your license here is for formula racing only, so you’re unable to purchase a 4S ticket.”

I was like…

Don’ttellmeI’vecomeallthiswayandIwon’tbeabletodrive – this can’t be happening !(  ゚Д゚)

I was seriously panicking, but I made a few phone calls and filled out some papers, and finally, in the very end, I got permission to drive.

Phew!  That was a close one!

And third, I brought back the most gravel they’ve ever seen!?

On my second stint the first day, I decided to play in the gravel a bit and… No, I decided to push the limits a bit too much, spun out, went off course, and got buried in the gravel.  I think I’m probably famous for this now in some circles, but…

The gravel that I took back home to the pit…

20140627 shun 02

weighted about 50.

20140627 shun 03

20140627 shun 04

There were only 45 minutes left until the next stint, but we jacked up the car, removed the panel underneath, and managed to clean it all out!

Yeah, there were quite a few other things as well, but as I’m already plenty embarrassed as it is, let’s just call it a day -  lol

I’ll try not to cause any more trouble next week!

- Shunsuke







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