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Shun Reflects on What he Heard about the Tire Test


Shun should have been at his own race at the Suzuka Circuit during the tire test at Sugo last week, but he’s sent a report!  Does he have a doppelganger?   I was concerned but it seems that he just heard about how it went from the other mechanics – lol!

So without further ado, he’s the report of what Shun heard about the tire test!


He’s my report on the Offical Tire Test at Sugo!

But since I didn’t go myself, this is all just stuff I heard – lol

We conducted a lot of tire testing this time, too.

Alright, so, Day 1!

First of all, it’s Team Manager Ukyo Katayama!  Welcome back to Japan!

Hope you had a good time on Everest.

20140519 tire 01

We started the morning off with Kataoka behind the wheel.  We tested out the car while adjusting the set up.  And as soon as the set-up was done, tire evaluation went as planned until we finished up for the morning!

20140519 tire 02      20140519 tire 03

In the afternoon Taniguchi was driving!  We evaluated a whole lot of tires this time too, and at the very end went for a best lap time!  With fresh tires equipped, he clocked in at…


This is an awesome time considering that we’re loaded down with an 80kg weight handicap!  Things were looking good and everyone was thinking that we would finish the test with no incident, when all of a sudden…

We went off course!

What were you doing Taniguchi…

20140519 tire 04

On the previous day when he was eating with the mechanics, at one point in the conversation he apparently said,

“Neither of us (drivers) flies off the track, so it’s easier on you mechanics too, right?”

It’s definitely rare for Taniguchi to go off the course.

When I was participating in the All-Japan Cart 2 years ago, it was really common for engines of that class to break trying to go too fast, but as I hadn’t broken my engine once in a whole year, I said,

“Come on, I haven’t broken an engine yet!”

But I guess I was being to haughty, as I broke my engine that day.

What’s with that?  I guess it’s better for drivers just to keep a lid on those kinds of comments, don’t you think?

To give a bit more detail, it was reported that he returned to the pit with over 30 kg of gravel with him!  Since I’m pretty sure he’ll be pissed if I say anything else, let’s just leave it at that – lol!

20140519 tire 05      20140519 tire 06

Moving on to Day 2!

In the morning, Tanigushi was driving!  We started by setting up the car.  After that was done, we evaluated a whole lot of tires!  All the testing went according to plan.

In the afternoon, Kataoka was behind the wheel, and we did a long run with the best tires over the last 2 days.  But there were so many red flags that session, the test didn’t go very well.

And then it was over.  Overall, I’d say things look really good this year!  Testing goes pretty much as planned, and we’re doing great time-wise!  Expect good things to come at Autopolis!

20140519 tire 07      20140519 tire 08

By the way – the numbers for the test results are hard to read so we’ll be skipping them this time – lol.

For anyone that’s interested, I’m going to have to ask you to go to the actual testing location and see for yourselves – lol!

- Shunsuke


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