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Shun Looks Back on the Sportsland Sugo Race


Here’s this report on the Sugo race, just in from Shun.  The F4 races, especially their second race, had a very unfortunate end.

I hope you’ll all be praying that we all avoid future crashes and collisions as you cheer us on at the upcoming Fuji race!


The Super GT Round 4 Race and

FIA-F4 Round 7 & 8 Races

were all held last weekend.

I was racing in the FIA-F4.

20160727 gsr 1

My results were:

Round 7 – 6th place

Round 8 – retired

20160727 gsr 2     20160727 gsr 3

I’m very sorry to report that I once again was unable to meet the expectations of everyone who was cheering me on.

Having to retire during Round 8 was particularly painful.

If you were to say my performance in the qualifying was unacceptable, you’d be right – but to think I was rear-ended that bad… I don’t know what to make of it.

But I’ve not given up yet – I’ll keep trying my absolute hardest, until that day when I have some good news to report!

Over at the GT race, Driver Kataoka started in role 8.

20160727 gsr 4

Sorry, this is the only photo I have from the grid… lol!

He was making smooth and steady laps when all of a sudden the safety car came out, and as soon as it left it was time to pull into the pit.

20160727 gsr 5

Taniguchi then took the wheel.  During the final stretch, it seemed like he’d be able to work up another place or two, but then the race ended on a red flag.

We came in 7th place.

Believe it or not, the Fuji race is next weekend!  For the GT, the F4, and the #4 – we hope you’ll be cheering us on!

- Shunsuke



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