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Shun Gets 1st Place at the Clubman Race!


I think some of you out there may already know, but at Round 4 of the Suzuka Clubman Race, held on July 5-6, our very own Shun put up a good fight and finished the race in 1st place!

We have a report here from the man himself, so check it out!

In other news, on the same day, Driver Kataoka took part in an endurance race at Suzuka, and also finished in first.


Round 4 of the “Suzuka Clubman Race” was held at the Suzuka Circuit on July 5-6!

As for the results:


Qualifying 2nd Place


Finals 1st Place


I got 1st place!!

20140709 shun 01

As it was an endurance race this time around, qualifying was held on Saturday and finals on Sunday.  Conditions were dry for qualifying and half-wet for the final race.

I was in a bad position for our qualifying strategy, and wasn’t able to pull it off perfectly, but that was my own fault…

It looked it was going to be rainy for the final race… but, it let up a bit, leaving the road surface  sort of in-between.  We vexed over using the dry tires, new rain tires, or used intermediate tires.

Checking out the course on the practice run to the grid, the front half of so was mostly dry, and the later half was wet.  After seeing this, I decided to go for the used rain tires!

20140709 shun 02

Then the race started!  Right at the very start I was able to steal the pole position (^ ^)/

I was able to increase my distance between 2nd place in the first part of the race, but come mid-race and onward I was unable to gain any more speed and he was gaining on me.  Then, with only 2 laps left, I was passed in the first corner.

All I could do was hope for a chance opening in the final lap, when my opponent made an error in the spoon corner!  I pulled forward given the gap, but we were neck-in-neck in the straightaway, and when we pulled into the 130R together we had a bit of a collision, but neither of us backed down.  When we passed the chicane I was able to cross the finish line first!

So, I may have won the race, but it was only by 0.028 seconds.

After it was over, I looked at the car and saw that the collision bent the lower arm and cracked the wheel.  I guess luck may have been on my side, too (>_<)

Thank you very much to everyone who was cheering me on!

20140709 shun 03

As you can see, they got me pretty good during the champagne fight – lol.

Driver Kataoka who participated in another endurance race also finished in first!  Congratulations!

I hope you’ll be cheering us on for the next race, too.

- Shunsuke


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