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Setting Up and Day 1 Final Results


Super GT testing is already underway.  This time around, Shun will provide us with insight into the set up as well as the happenings Day 1 of testing.

But it looks like they’re having more troubles with the pollen than with with car – lol  (The dreaded “pollen season” in Japan is underway… Read more at wiki if you’re interested.)


Hello from the heart of pollen country, the Okayama International Circuit!

We’re all suffering greatly from the pollen out here (*_*)

This time around we’re doing an all-out tire test!

Well… Since we don’t have all the parts for the new car yet I guess this goes without saying but… We’ll again be using an older model for testing.

20140317 shun 1st day 1

There’s not much to report from the set-up day, but…

Take a look at the trash can.

20140317 shun 1st day 2

In Japan we have to separate burnable and non-burnable garbage, but some crafty devil has labeled them with the homonyms “moe” and “moenai.” – lol

And it looks like these 2 are at it again.

20140317 shun 1st day 3

Earlier in the pit…

“Do this over here!  Do that over there!”

“Shut up already, old man!”

Insults were flying!  lol

Thanks to these two, there’s never a dull moment in the pit!  lol

Moving on to Day 1 of the testing, first up was Driver Tatsuya Kataoka!

20140317 shun 1st day 4

The test seemed be business as usual, but then transmission light came on and and we thought the engine was done for…

“Well… Looks like we’ll have to change out the engine.”

Everyone’s spirits suddenly dampened, but as soon as we changed out the sensor just to be sure…

20140317 shun 1st day 5

Everything was back to normal (^0^)/

That was a close call.

In terms of overall score, we came in 11th of the GT300 Class cars.

20140317 shun 1st day 6

And from this year we’ll be identifying the drivers differently as well.

You may have already seen this mentioned on Driver Taniguchi’s Blog but…

20140317 shun 1st day 7      20140317 shun 1st day 8

The red light is for Driver A (Nobuteru Taniguchi).

The blue light is for Driver B (Tatsuya Kataoka).

The lights also serve an additional purpose, acting a transponder to calculate lap time.  And we can also know at a single glance which driver was in the cockpit just by looking at the monitor.

Like this.

20140317 shun 1st day 9

Being aware of that makes the data look a bit more interesting I guess.

For Day 2 we’ll have the following two sessions

9:10 – 11:10

13:45 – 15:45

as well as a circuit safari and starting practice.





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