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Report on Shun’s Mental Health Before Driving in the Test Run


Shun is about to make his unbelievable GT debut at the Suzuka Official Test Run, so let’s hear how he’s holding up! lol

But in order to practice for the test, he’ll be driving the Miku Z4 Replica this weekend!  In other words, if you were to go to the Suzuka circuit this Friday or Saturday, you’d see Shun in action behind the wheel of Miku Z4 Replica!


I think this has already been announced all over the place, so a lot of you may already know but…

I’m going to be making by GT debut as a driver at the GT official test run at Suzuka Circuit on June 27-28!!

It’s truly amazing to be able to drive in a GT car this early in my career.

So thank you all so much!

To be honest, I’m feeling really nervous about the whole thing…  But also really excited!

I’m used to driving at Suzuka more than any other track, so to voice my concern more specifically…

I’ve never driven there in a boxy car! ((+ _+)

The formula cars that I usually drive weigh in at about 500kg, but the Miku Z4 is over 1300kg.

The car probably won’t be as quick to respond as I’m used to, and gravity will be harsh.  I recently received a video of Taniguchi driving and have been watching that to study.

20140618 shun

Even though I may only be watching him and it really feels like I’m in the car, there’s no way I could perform like this!  No way…

With a GT car as my  “box car” debut, and at an official test run, but not only that I’ll be driving the car that’s the current point leader!  I’m not sure if I have the mental capacity to handle all that – lol!

So I’ve been fortunate enough to take advantage of another opportunity!

This weekend, on the 20th-21st, there’s a sports driving event at the Suzuka Circuit, so over the course of those two days I’ll be driving the 2011 replica car.

But on Friday, Kataoka will be driving on the first leg of the run, so don’t worry – we’ll still be able to get some good numbers and complete all the usual performance checks on the car (^ ^)/

I know I’ve been writing about being nervous and all, but I’m seriously looking forward to this!

But as it wouldn’t hurt or anything, I hope you’ll all be praying for things to go well (>_<)

*  In a bit of an aside, there were some people asking if it would be legal for me to drive with my license, so I wanted to let everyone know that I have an International B Class license.  If I didn’t, there’s no way I could participate in the official test run.

- Shunsuke



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