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Report from Shun on Super GT Event in Sendai!


The “Super GT Experience in Kobo Stadium Miyagi” was held in the Rakuten kobo Stadium in Miyagi Prefecture on July 2.  And though it’s been a while, GSR sent out the Miku SLS and Driver Tatsuo Kataoka to participate.  Shun’s written up a report on the day’s events below!


A Super GT promo event was held at kobo Stadium in Miyagi on July 2!

20160706 gsr 1

20160706 gsr 2

We originally planned to bring the AMG, but had to bring the SLS due to the testing schedule.

20160706 gsr 3

We started the engine, changed the tires, let the kids climb inside, had drivers Tatsuo Kataoka and Ikki Hoshino give a presentation, and much more.

20160706 gsr 4

Here’s a pic of Kataoka trying his hand at the tire change!

20160706 gsr 5

But his time was a whopping…

20160706 gsr 6

8 seconds… (>_<)

But to be honest that’s faster than average.  The fastest participants were in the 15-20 second range.

It made us happy to see the smiles on everyone’s faces as they tried out changing the tires, and on the kid’s faces as they sat in the cockpit.

I think we were able to let them experience part of the fun of being in motor sports.

There was still a bit of time after the event until we had to pack up, so we went to check out a baseball game!  Someone had given us tickets.

20160706 gsr 7

It’s so much more fun to see it live, in person!

Just like it’s more exciting to see a race at the track!

There aren’t many opportunities nowadays to really spread the knowledge of motor sports, so I hope we can have more like events like this in the future!

The Suzuka Test is coming up this week!  And my F4 Test at Sugo!

Don’t worry – we’re getting everything ready for the upcoming race!

- Shunsuke


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