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Reflecting on Round 3 from a Mechanic’s Perspective


Good morning, everyone!  Shun has already submitted his qualifying day report, so let me share it with you!

Give him a little limelight in the live web-cast and before you know it…


It is super hot here at the Autopolis…

Some rumors have it that the road got over 50℃, others say otherwise….  (>.<)

20140601 shun01      20140601 shun02

As for the qualifying results, we got


but one of the cars in front of us lost their grid position so

for the finals we’ll start in

Role 15!

Hmmmmmmmmmm…  That 80kg handicap sure is going to be tough!

On top of that, it’s much hotter than we anticipated, so the tires we brought aren’t working like we’d hoped.

But our plan for the finals is to climb up whatever the cost and finish ahead so everything is just fine!?  Or so it would seem…

Now let’s get to the mechanic side of things.

Here we are at Autopolis!

The pit road traffic direction is the opposite of every other circuit!

So in other words, though the fuel cap is usually on the right side of the car, this time it will be on the left side.

20140601 shun03

20140601 shun04

We confirmed the engine stop test, too!

20140601 shun05

Here’s Johnny playing around under the hood (^^)

20140601 shun06

What in the world is he doing?  lol

20140601 shun07

We’ll do our best in the finals!

Please cheer us on!!

20140601 shun08

- Shunsuke





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