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Rain, the Test Run, and Miku Wafers


Alright!  Today we have yet another report from the field, freshly typed out by Shun, so let’s get to it!

It seems like they all got together and ate the some of the new Racing Miku Wafers now available at Family Mart in Japan!  I’m still way over in Spain at the moment so you’d better believe I’m incredibly jealous!


Today, our first day of the test run, started with buying a case of these. lol

20140303 test 1

And after we bought them, everyone took commemorative pics!

20140303 test 2

Well, our first day today here at Suzuka was rainy.

20140303 test 3

When the rainfall became heavy, it was enough to turn part of pit road into a river.

But even in these conditions, the 2011 champion car never lets down!  With virtually no trouble and considerably good performance, it was a good run!

20140303 test 4

Even time-wise, during the incredibly wet portion of the afternoon, we came out on top of the 300-class!

We’ll keep that part about Taniguchi spinning out a secret… OK?

20140303 test 5

Today’s driver was Taniguchi, so it was a full day of Taniguchi testing.

20140303 test 6

Kataoka went through all the trouble of suiting up for nothing! lol

We’ll make up for it tomorrow!

Even though we went and bought a whole box, we were unable to make a complete set.  FAIL!

20140303 test 7

One more and the collection would be complete…

For dinner we went to a wing-shop owned and operated by driver Tatsuya Kataoka’s family!

20140303 test 8      20140303 test 9

It was really good! (*^_^*)

Anytime you’re passing through Nagoya I highly recommend it!

Alright then, now that we’re once again nourished and replenished, let’s get some rest for tomorrow’s test run!

Please let it be sunny~!

- Shunsuke




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