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Mechanic’s Report on Saturday’s Test Run!


An official GT Test Run was held on March 15-16 at the Okayama International Circuit.

Though we had to race with the 2011 and 2012 models, we cleared all of the scheduled checks and finished the test run with our engine still in one piece.

In this next report from Shun, we’ll look take a look at the story behind the race.


Driver Nobuteru Taniguchi was driving for Test Day 2!

20140318 saturday 1

Kataoka wasn’t feeling well and lost his voice, so he took the morning off.

20140318 saturday 2

So, from this official test onwards there will also be a a new “starting practice” added to the  lineup.

20140318 saturday 3      20140318 saturday 4

From this year onwards, instead of having 1 formation lap like they did up until last year, there will be 2.  In addition, during the first lap you can drive at any speed and during the second lap all the cars will take formation.

As for why they changed the start, this is otherwise unrelated to the GT300 class, but from this year all GT500 class cars will be outfitted with disk brakes instead of regular brakes.  The same ones they use in F1 races.

Once these brakes heat up they can stop on a dime, but attaining the right temperature is tricky business.  In the words of GT500 Deep Orange Team Driver Kousuki,

“They’re virtually ineffective unless they’ve warmed up.  That’s scary stuff.”

So in other words, there will be 2 laps to warm up.  Something of a rehearsal if you will.

On this second day of testing, we flew through all our scheduled test menu at an alarming rate, and by mid afternoon we’d completely finished (^ ^)v

As we were still using the MY11, and not the new car for this year, after the tire testing was over there wasn’t anything to do really.  But as the afternoon session began with the new starting practice, it’s not like we could just drop out so…

We had a change of plan and decided to do a long run during the afternoon session (^ ^)

Despite his constitution, we had Driver Kataoka give it all he had for a 30-lap long run!  Nice work, Kataoka!

And after that, we had concluded all scheduled tests!

So we got a jump start on cleaning up while all the other teams were still racing.

20140318 saturday 5

The test run was over at 15:45, but we’d finished packing up by 14:00!

20140318 saturday 6

Next time will be next week, a maker test at the Fuji International Circuit.   Our new car should definitely be ready by then!  (At least we all hope so…)

We all give a big thank you to all the fans that came out the the track at the Okayama Test Run!  We hope to do a shakedown of our new car next week, so by all means, please come out to Fuji Speedway if you can! (^ ^)v

- Shunsuke



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