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Looking Back on the Qualifying from a Mechanic’s Perspective


Round 2 at Fuji ended in a big victory out from behind for us, but Qualifying day was an incredibly bitter moment for everyone involved.

Here’s a report from behind the scenes that day from our mechanic Shun.  (As this was written on the evening of qualifying day, no one had any idea what would happen during the finals.)

That victory was definitely a result of all the hard work he goes into below!  It seems they were performing maintenance well into the middle of the night.


Our qualifying result was


Man – that sucks!!

20140505 shun 1      20140505 shun 2

But we still expect to win!

So while the other mechanics are still in the middle of getting their elbows all greasy, I’m going to write a quick report.

For the sake of brevity this is going to be a simple one – so please forgive me – lol!

We went into this a bit on the NicoNico live web-cast, but for the time being:

1.  The temperatures on qualifying day were much higher than anticipated, so the tires we brought out weren’t able to utilize their full potential.

2.  We had a few minor issues, but with all of them combined the car wasn’t in top-top shape.

These were the two reasons for our poor performance.

For the time being, we’re taking off every part that caused concern for a full diagnostic.

20140505 shun 3      20140505 shun 4

20140505 shun 5

That should make everything OK!


This weekend we won’t be doing any practice for the pit stops… (>_<)

With a long 500KM race there’s no telling what might happen.

But all the support you all have been giving us is really encouraging, so we hope you’ll be cheering on Good Smile Racing tomorrow!

I’m sorry, but that’s all for today…

- Shunsuke


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