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Inside SUGO! Shun’s Photo Report


As Shun got his hands on an all-new “GoPRO” right before the SUGO race, it seems he’s jumped right into taking a lot of pictures for us.

Looks like he’ll be giving us a behind the scenes look at the team in SUGO – lol.


From here on out, they’ve prepared a GoPRO for me so that I can take lots of pictures – so let me show you just a few of them.

Please don’t expect too much in terms of quality.  But at the very least you can probably get a feel for what’s going on – lol.

This camera lets you take really wide angle shots, so taking a photo sort of from above looks like this…

20140728 sugo 01

I got the whole car in there.

This race, we’d like to thank our 6962 Personal Sponsors.

20140728 sugo 02     20140728 sugo 03

We always have lots of fans come visit us during the pit walk and grid walk!  Thanks!

20140728 sugo 04

Here’s Driver Kataoka in the midst of performing some fan service.
Please don’t sign my lens… (>_<)

20140728 sugo 05

Here’s Swemy dropping the camera and freaking out – lol.
This was the most hilarious of all the photos taken! (^^)!
20140728 sugo 06

It was delayed in the end, but here’s Driver Taniguchi waiting for the qualifying on Saturday.
Is he mentally training?  Taking a break?  He just keeps nodding his head so…

20140728 sugo 07

Oh – blocked by the sheild!  Lol!

20140728 sugo 08

As expected, I’m terrible at action shots.

20140728 sugo 09

Here you see the two drivers taking a bit of a break before the final race.

20140728 sugo 10

The mechanics are also taking a break but…

20140728 sugo 11

Here’s the Miku Z4 after the final race.  As it’s raining, she came back covered in mud…  You can’t tell at all by looking at this picture though.

Lastly, I didn’t have the courage to take this last shot, so I passed the GoPro to our team cameraman Mr. Orihara to take it for me – lol!

20140728 sugo 12

Here are all the Racing Miku Supporters.

And that’s all!  Thanks for tuning in.

- Shunsuke

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