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Happy but Frustrating – It was that Kind of Qualifying


Shun compiled a report immediately following the qualifying, so let me share it with you now!

Finishing in Role 2 is pretty exciting, but it seems there was quite a bit of frustration behind the scenes…


The Saturday qualifying is over.

In the end, we got 2nd place!

20140406 qualifying 1

That’s good – really good!

Since placing well in the qualifying should mean nothing less than we will place well in the finals.

Today’s (qualifying) Free Run started with Driver Kataoka, and was all-in-all intended only to be a check but………

20140406 qualifying 2

But unexpectedly, the car wasn’t performing as we thought it should, and it was really a close call.

We tried altering all sorts of settings, but ended up with merely an alright(?) set up.

And then came the qualifying, Driver Taniguchi raced in the Q1 and…  Everything seemed to be good.

As the road began to warm up, the tires were really able to show their stuff.

We got 2nd for Q1!  1st was the Studie Z4, so it was hard for Taniguchi not to take it personally.

But the most incredible part of the tire performance in Q1 was how they really stuck to the ground in the hair-pin turn.

Moving on to Q2!

20140406 qualifying 3

It was time for Driver Kataoka to take the stage!

He kept improving lap time little by little, and it looked like he was going to get a good time, but he got caught up behind the car in front of him in the last corner, and consequently lost time.  Of course, Kataoka was incredibly frustrated about that.

However, we also got 2nd place.

Considering that our highest qualifying rank was Role 5 last year,  you can really appreciate how great our car is this year.

Well then, moving into tomorrow’s finals, we practiced driver changes, refueling speed, and tire changes this evening!

20140406 qualifying 4     20140406 qualifying 5

Today we clocked our fastest time for driver changes.

Our strategy is also …..   lol

Expect big things at the finals tomorrow!  That’s all for today’s quick report.

20140406 qualifying 6

- Shunsuke


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