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Driving the Miku Z4 – Day 2


Here’s a report from Shun on his second day of driving the Miku Z4.

It seems like he’s really gotten the hang of it, so we have high expectations for his performance at the GT Tire Test this weekend!


Here’s my day 2 report!

20140624 shun 01

I’ll start with the first stint.  I guess it was because I had a night to process it or something, but I was able to feel a bit more relaxed when driving.

But… I spun out.

I moved too much in the second corner…  But someway or another I didn’t pick up any of the gravel that was on the asphalt.

But it was thanks to this that I was able to figure out why I was spinning out in the first place, so I really learned something from it!

And then there was the 2nd stint!  I went out onto the track with fresh tires!

20140624 shun 02

I wished really hard for at least one clear lap the whole time, to be able to utilize the tires at their peak with the track all to myself but…

it was never granted. ((+_+))

But near the end of the session, there was one lap when I had the course practically to myself!  There was one point where a car spun out but…

I clocked in at

2min 4.4sec!

I’m not really sure if this time is good or not given all the conditions, but I was relieved to get a reasonable time (^^)

20140624 shun 03

During the 3rd and 4th stints, I was able to gain even more understanding of the car’s movements and limitations, and most importantly for the upcoming official test run, I was able to drive while having enough spare focus to pay attention to the side mirrors.

In the very end I was able to look at the mirrors!  If you’re unable to do this, you have  no idea whether there’s a GT 500 class coming.

And on this second day, I was also able to drive without damaging our most precious champion machine.  It was such an incredibly great experience and learning experience, and under such fortunate circumstances.

I’ll give it my all again in the test run this weekend!

20140624 shun 04

- Shunsuke




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