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Cutting to the Chase, News from the Suzuka Circuit


Hey, there!  It’s me, Swemy – I’m all the way over in Spain right now, but still can’t stop thinking about Suzuka!

Thankfully, I just got another report from Shun.  Reading it makes me feel like I’m really there taking part in the action!

But seriously, what’s the deal with the engine and transmission not showing up yet!?  lol  It goes without saying that we can’t race like that, so it seems they’ll be participating in the test run with the same replica used at the demo run in Odaiba the other day.


Today’s the day we’ll be unloading and setting up everything for tomorrow.

Unloading started at 2pm, but we didn’t actually get started until around 3pm, so it was a bit of a late start.

20140227 test 1

As soon as the trailer arrived, and the Miku Z4 came down…

20140227 test 2

I noticed that our Manager Ms. Takesawa was driving!!!

She handles it like a real pro! lol

20140227 test 3

And after that, we started setting up.

The Suzuka run is basically a test of the tires, so we spent a lot of time getting the tires ready.

20140227 test 4

Just seeing this many tires is enough to dampen my spirit.  lol

After we were finished setting up, the last thing to do was to perform a check of the wheels’ rotation.

20140227 test 5

If we were to skip this step, then there’s a chance the car wouldn’t be driving straight, so it must be done.

And that was it for the day.

So, this is what unloading and setting up looks like.  What did you think?  lol

We’ll be working hard tomorrow, too!  We’ll give it our best.

- Shunsuke



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