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Charity Event Report from Shun!


The charity organization WHEELS gets together our own Tatsuya Kataoka as well as other professional drivers to participate in charity events.  This year gave kids in disaster struck Tohoku Region something of a dream come true by visiting various elementary schools.

Shun was along for the ride and submitted this report!  Just look at those smiles!  This charity event is really something!


From June 14-15, I helped out the charitable organization WHEELS,

where we visited both Kazuma Elementary and Kitakami Elementary in Ishimaki City. (^^)

20160617 gsr 01

20160617 gsr 02

20160617 gsr 03

The event was called “Kids Dream Experience,” where we let the kids have all kinds of hands-on experiences with racing cars and have racers and mechanics give them talks, to make them think about their dreams.

The cars participating in the event were the:

Hatsune Miku SLS
Subaru BRZ
Sportsland Sugo Pace Car

20160617 gsr 04

We let them change the tires, start the engine, and sit in the cockpit! (^^)

20160617 gsr 05

20160617 gsr 06

I’m so glad they all seemed to enjoy it! (^^)/

Everyone listed closely to the talk portion we gave in the gym.

20160617 gsr 07

Not to be outdone by a bunch of grade-schoolers, the drivers also tried their hand at changing tires.  (lol)

20160617 gsr 08

20160617 gsr 09

They seemed pretty interested in the competition’s car, too…

20160617 gsr 10

20160617 gsr 11

Kataoka said, “It’s been a while since I’ve driven this car,” as he climbed in the SLS!

We had lunch together with them, too.  Everyone had a great time! (^^)/

20160617 gsr 12

And played on the playground during recess…

20160617 gsr 13

20160617 gsr 14

20160617 gsr 15

The drivers usually look quite serious out on the race track, so this is the only time you really see them smile (^^)/

Be the time we left, I was feeling the energy, too!

This is an amazing charity event!

I hope to participate in similar events in the future, and continue to spread the fun of motor sports to as many people as possible!

- Shunsuke


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