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Assembling the Z4 – Part 2


I’ve received another report from Shun today, so let me deliver it to you!  Here it is -  the transformation you’ve all been waiting for – that magical moment when your average BMW becomes the Miku BMW!

By the way, I plan on formally introducing Shun to you all at next week’s Okayama Test Run!  So enjoy the enigmatic air surrounding this man of mystery while you still can!  (I promised him I wouldn’t give anything away.)


In no time at all, an ordinary z4 became…

the Hatsune Miku Z4!  (^ ^)!

20140313 Z4 1

20140313 Z4 2

It took 4 sheet-cutters 2 days to get this far on the vinyl wrapping paint-job.

20140313 Z4 3

But from there, it began to look more and more like an ita-sha…

And before we knew it, the exterior was finished!

Let’s go back to the quiz in Part 1.  Were you able to guess what it was??

It’s still a work in progress, but this is what it looks like installed.

20140313 Z4 4     20140313 Z4 5

You got it?  That’s right, it’s a button to open the door!

It’s an emergency escape button!

Or something like that.

But you have to really press it hard for it to respond, otherwise we’d have doors flying open all over the place this year – lol.

By the way, up until last year, the door release was just a string you pulled – take a look.

20140313 Z4 6

Well then, next up is  Part 3…

I hope you’ll all tune in again! lol



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