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Assembling the Z4 – Part 1


What in the world is going on with the Z4!?  It doesn’t even have an engine – there’s no way that will fly!

At least, that’s pretty much what was going through my mind until I got this latest update from our trusty mechanic Shun.

It seems this year’s Z4 was imported into Japan in a bunch of pieces, and now the mechanics at RS Fine are putting together a 1/1 scale model car.

Alright, Shun – please take it from here!


Well then, from today I’ll be giving you a few simple reports on how the new car is coming together.

But before I do…

I have an announcement to make.

As Driver Nobuteru Taniguchi already mentioned in his blog, we’d planned to have the shakedown for the Z4 MY14 at the Okayama Official Test Run, but as some of the most vital parts haven’t yet arrived in Japan that’s had to be delayed.  (We drove the MY12 at Okyakama.)

20140311 car 1

Well, that’s what was revealed in Taniguchi’s blog, but we’ve made a lot of progress since that time!

That has become this…

20140311 car 2

And by now we’ve already made it this far!

20140311 car 3

20140311 car 4

But there are still a lot of parts that haven’t quite made it…

20140311 car 5

So the inside is hollow – lol!

But don’t any of you out there worry!  As soon at the parts arrive we’ll have it put together in no time.

Lastly, I’d like to leave you all today with a pop quiz!

See this?  What do you think it is? (^o^)

20140311 car 6

It’s a new feature on this year’s Z4, and you can press in that red part.

If you get the answer right…  I’m afraid you don’t get any prize at all.  Sorry about that!

But I’ll announce the correct answer in Part 2 of this Z4 assembly report.

I hope you’ll all tune in next time!




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