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AMG Restoration Report from Shun


The AMG is currently under repair after an unfortunate crash during the Suzuka official testing session.  Shun has written us a report on how those repairs are going, so let’s take a look!


We’d like to apologize to all of our fans who were looking forward to seeing us participate in the Sugo official testing session.

After crashing at the Suzuka tire test, the Miku AMG is currently undergoing repair.

20160622 gsr 1

The extent of the crash doesn’t seem all that bad looking over the photos we took at Suzuka, but…

The car went into a spin at 225 km/hr, hit the crash barrier and then flew over it.  So most of the cowl was cracked, and when the car came crashing down it busted up the pedal area and frame.

With a crash this bad, the one bit of luck amidst all the misfortune is that Kataoka was able to walk away scot-free.

But even so, we had no choice but to replace the entire frame.

20160622 gsr 2

20160622 gsr 3

20160622 gsr 4

And yesterday, are all-new Miku AMG frame arrived from Germany!

20160622 gsr 5

20160622 gsr 6

Now we’ll go about attaching all the other parts to this, one at a time.

20160622 gsr 7

We hope to have it done by next Tuesday!  That’s in one week.

Once we have it put together, we plan to announce it via the blog and Twitter.

- Shunsuke


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