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You have until Midnight Tonight to Support Kelal in the Race Queen Grand Prix!


2016 may be over, but the fight’s not over yet – at least for one of our GSR soldiers!

And the name of that soldier, who we hope t see next week on the Auto Salon stage is none other than

Kelal Yamamura!

Voting for the Race Queen Grand Prix ends today.  With all of the other Miku Supporters providing backup, Kelal has fought her way up to the remaining top 20.  But only 5 girls get to make it to the Auto Salon stage!  And whether or not she remains as one of those 5 competitors will all be decided by the votes cast by the end of the day today!  I’m sure many of you have voted for her already, but she doesn’t have quite enough yet!  There’s still time yet, so get out your smartphone and vote!  Please!

Race Queen Grand Prix Official Site → http://rq-award.jp/rqentry/gp/996/

GalPara → http://web.galsparadise.com/adv/new/mobile_adv.php

MohaOku → http://www.mbok.jp/_rqt

Please, with all of our powers combined, we can help Kelal climb all the way to the top!  For that day, she will truly become the Queen of Race Queens!

She’s worked hard for GSR these three years, so let’s show her how much we appreciate it!

20170105 gsr 1

20170105 gsr 2

20170105 gsr 3

We’ve even received this special message to all of you from Kelal herself!


Well… I guess my time is up.
But over my dead body will I let anyone pass!
I’m counting on all of you to provide cover!
This bloody fight to the death of a Race Queen battle ends at midnight tonight!
(Translation: I’ve entered the Japan Race Queen Grand Prix, and hope you’ll please vote for me before midnight!)

Let’s end the day with a good smile! ^^b


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