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Circuit Safari: Word of Warning


One quick word or warning regarding the Circuit Safari Tomorrow.

The meet-up locations is in front of the Center House (with the restaurant Suzuka-ZE) at the rotary, but you won’t be able to access this area without a Paddock Pass.

So if you intend to participate in the Circuit Safari, please be sure to get a Paddock Pass.

If you were to actually get a Circuit Safari ticket and then not be able to access the meet-up area…  The thought is just too tragic to bear….

So let me please repost the Circuit Safari info!


The GSR Shop will open for business at 7:30am on both qualifying and finals day.

* Tickets will not be handed out in the order of the line, but rather in the order of completed transactions.  If you line up before 7am, you will not receive a wavier to hold your place.  Tickets will be passed out 1 per person (for example, both a 5000JPY and 10000JPY purchase qualify for one ticket).

Time: (Sat) Aug. 27 at 10:50am
Place: In front of the Center House
Participants: 35 people

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