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We’ve Started a Blog for Overseas Fans

Hey, everybody!

Thanks to the international appeal of Ms. Hatsune Miku, we’ve been getting more and more Personal Sponsors from overseas over the last few years.  And they’ve been saying, “Hey, we want more info!”

Well, I’m here to tell you that we’ve been listening!  We hereby announce the opening of this, our overseas blog!  Pretty cool, right!?

I have to admit that at first I had to refuse, as I just couldn’t do it.  You see, I can’t write in English to save my life!

So in the end, I’m just having whatever I write translated into English. lol

I extend my greetings to all fans and friends of Hatsune Miku and GSR across the world!  We hope you’ll check us out and tell all your friends!

Thank you for all of your support!!

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