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We Went to a Miyagi Charity Event!


The other day we participated in an activity organized by WHEELS, which Driver Kataoka belongs to, visiting an elementary school in Sendai with Driver Kataoka, RS Fine, and the Miku Z4.  Here’s a report from Shun, who was also there!

>>You can see a news article about it here.


On July 8, as part of an activity organized by Wheels, we visited Nakano Elementary School and Nakanoei Elementary School in Sendai City!

20140711 miyagi 01     20140711 miyagi 02

20140711 miyagi 03

The Miku Z4 came along on the field-trip, too!

Our purpose was:
“Super GT Special Class – Creating your Own Education”
~Take your goals and dreams and move forward~

In words, we had a special presentation in the gym, where the drivers, directors, engineers, mechanics, and people at the circuit explain about their job, and why they chose their profession.  And using the Miku Z4 outside, we let them start the ignition and try out changing the tires and stuff (^^)/

They were all surprised at the noises, but they had much more excitement in their eyes compared than when they listened to us talking in the gym. lol!

In the afternoon, we had a school lunch with all of the 6th graders at Nakano Elementary School! (^^)!

20140711 miyagi 04     20140711 miyagi 05

It’s my worst enemy, “eggplant”…..  lol

Then Driver Kataoka said,

“That guy over there hates eggplant, you see~!  You all be sure to eat food that you don’t like, too – OK!”

Seriously, why’d he have to go and say that.  (((+_+))

My hands were shaking, but I finished it all!  lol  Don’t you all go complaining that you don’t like anything either!

At the very end, we all played jump rope (lol)

20140711 miyagi 06

They were all full of energy, and totally wore us out.

Those who are interested are coming out to watch the SUGO race next weekend!

We’ve got to show them we’re good at something!

I hope everyone at Nakano Elementary and Nakanoei Elementary had a good time.  And it’d also be great if some of them walked away with an interest in motor sports!

- Shunsuke

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