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Update Regarding Team Coordinator Takesawa


We recently received word from HubAuto Racing representative Mr. Yoshimoto that our own Team Manager, Tomomi Takesawa, who is also the Team Manager for HubAuto Racing, collapsed from heat and exhaustion at the Super Endurance Round 4 Race held at the Autopolis track.

She is currently hospitalized and receiving treatment.   I’m sure there were many Personal Sponsors who were hoping to see Ms. Takesawa at Autopolis, but she’ll be absent this weekend.

As they’re still in the middle of the race and have to try to pull through even in her absence, GSR is making this announcement in Mr. Yoshimoto’s place.

Neither HubAuto Racing nor Goodsmile Racing could do without Tomi-chan, and we hope she gets well soon.

The hot days will only continue this summer, so everyone please be sure to rest and drink plenty of water when you’re out and about,


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