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Tokyo Photo Shoot – Photo Contest!


Thank you to everyone who came out to participate in our Racing Miku Supporters Photo Shoot yesterday!  We had even more people show up than we’d anticipated, so we ran out of both code numbers and pin badges mid-way through…

If you were one of those who got left out, be sure to contact Goodsmile Racing Customer Support at your earliest convenience.

In addition, be sure to remember that the code numbers you received yesterday are valid until

Dec. 7, 2016 at midnight JST!

Our Tokyo Photo Shoot Photo Contest starts today, but before you get to it let’s take a look back at yesterday’s events.

>> Tokyo Photo Shoot Photo Contest (PC)

>> Tokyo Photo Shoot Photo Contest (Smartphone)

The first Session featured the Miku AMG.  It was the last chance to photograph the Miku AMG, so we had a lot of people show up.  It’s the last time the car will look like this, too.


20161205 gsr 1

This is the perfect photo to commemorate that event.  We set up the car in the Aoyama Kira shopping street, so you’d better believe the passersby were surprised at what they saw.

20161205 gsr 2

20161205 gsr 3

Session 2 was the wedding dresses!  For some of us, it felt just like giving our own daughter away as a bride – lol

20161205 gsr 4

There were a few photographers that got into the mood as well – lol!  Kind of like they were coming to a friend’s wedding.  GSR photo shoots are probably the only place where you can get crazy and have fun as a photographer like this!  Even Emotion (the photo studio) had never seen anything quite like it.

20161205 gsr 5

Session 3 featuring the tube tops and bench coats!  The coat made its first appearance at Motegi, but it seemed a waste to only use it that one time!  There were folks who thought it was cute and requested it appear in a photo shoot – so why not!?  We aim to please!

20161205 gsr 6

For Session 4 we had a seasonal theme – Santas!  All the girls came dressed as Santa.  There was even a Christmas tree, which really put everyone in the spirit.

20161205 gsr 7

As for the Fan Meeting, we’d received a request for a group of fans beforehand to do a certain something special as a surprise… And so we had a Racing Miku Supporter Graduation Ceremony.

First of all, we had some cakes made.

20161205 gsr 8

20161205 gsr 9

To once again congratulate Tsuttsu on her 22nd birthday.

20161205 gsr 10

And then we had the graduation ceremony!  We even had graduation certificates made up and presented them to each of the girls.

20161205 gsr 11     20161205 gsr 12

20161205 gsr 13     20161205 gsr 14

There was one more special girl who seemed overcome with love and warmth as she accepted her award.  Who?  Well… It was me – lol.  But I didn’t have enough credits exactly to graduation so….

20161205 gsr 15

Thank you so much everyone!  You don’t really get recognized by others for their gratitude every day, so I’m not really sure what to say about this surprise – lol  But as the PR rep, I was glad to be able to fill in during your time of need and hope you all had a great time.

Don’t forget – any of the photos you took can be uploaded to your blog or Twitter feed.  If you post via Twitter, please use the hashtag #fightgsr!  But before you do, be sure to submit your photos into our photo contest!  The link for our Tokyo (Round 2) Photo Contest is below!  Any photos taken during the Fan Meeting will be eligible for our 2016 Season Photo Contest, so please hold on to them until then.

>> Tokyo Photo Shoot Photo Contest (PC)

>> Tokyo Photo Shoot Photo Contest (Smartphone)

A total of 4 entries is allowed per person (one per session)!  Entries will be accepted from today until Dec. 26!  Upload lots and lots of photos, OK!?


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