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Tokyo Photo Shoot – Photo Contest!


A big thank you to everyone who took the trouble to come out and participate in our Racing Miku Supporters Photo Shoot last weekend!

The weather was poor all last week, so we were worried our outdoor photo sessions, but it was bright and sunny!  Consider that our Nagoya revenge!  But when the rains did let up that day, we were surrounded by rainbows…

The girls were in casual wear from their wardrobe for the first session.  Here are the outfits they chose.  And they were free to assume the pose of their choice as well – lol.

20160926 gsr 1

Session 2 was a shoot in the studio with the girls in their Race Queen costumes.  We had a live webcast this session as well.  You might call this the Racing Miku Supporters’ true form – it’s the costume in which you’re most accustomed to seeing them.

20160926 gsr 2

Yes, most fitting!  lol

For Session 3 we had a Miku Supporter Photo Shoot first, in which all the girls posed in our Cycle Wear series.  We had them dress up as if they were in the GSR Cup, wearing both GSR Cycle Wear tops and bottoms.

20160926 gsr 3

20160926 gsr 4     20160926 gsr 5

20160926 gsr 6     20160926 gsr 7

And for Session 4 we had yet another first – a photo session aboard a Yagatabune Boat!  The ceiling was a bit low, so they’re sitting for most poses.  And given the timing, it was hard to photograph them on deck in the dark….  Sorry about that…

20160926 gsr 8

20160926 gsr 9     20160926 gsr 10

20160926 gsr 11

As always, please feel free to upload the photos you took to your blog or Twitter account.  If you’re using Twitter, please use the hashtag #fightgsr!

And again as always, please enter your photos in our photo contest!

>> Tokyo Photo Shoot Photo Contest (PC)

>> Tokyo Photo Shoot Photo Contest (Smartphone)

As for the regulations, we’re allowing up to a total of 4 entries per person (1 photo per session)!  Entry deadline is Oct. 26!  We look photo to seeing all the photos you upload!

The next photo session will be in Osaka on (Sun) Oct. 30!  It will be Halloween as well – which is pretty exciting – so we hope you’re all looking forward to it!




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