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They’re Here! Personal Sponsor Cards are Shipping Out!


Hey, everyone!

We’re sorry to have kept you waiting for so long…  such a very very very long a time!  Very incredibly sorry!

At long last, Personal Sponsor Cards will ship out from

(Friday) May 23!!!

Even though they took so long to get ready, I think they’ve really turned out nice – so cool and luxurious.

20140523 card01

And the neck strap even has the Super GT logo!

20140523 card02     20140523 card03

Here you can see the front and back.  The back features the same design seen on the rear of the Miku Z4.

20140523 card04

As the clamp is metal, the GSR logo and “Personal Sponsors Members Card” has been engraved.  This part is made really well!

20140523 card05

It looks so much better than the previous design.

20140523 card06

This is how it looks when you put it on.

But even though they’ve turned out so well, we’ll do our best to avoid such a delay in the future, and would again like to express our most sincere apologies.

We thank you all so much for your patience and hope for your continued support!



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