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The Miku Z4 on Display in Hokkaido!


The event schedule for SNOW MIKU 2014 has finally been announced!

It’s a snow festival event with Hatsune Miku as the star held in Sapporo…

>> SNOW MIKU 2014 Official Site

but this year GSR will also be taking the stage!

>>SNOW MIKU 2014 Event Schedule

On (Tue) Feb. 11 from 1-2pm, we’ll be holding our Sapporo round pep-rally!

Both Representative Takanori Ake and Director Ukyo Katayama will be making an appearance!  And they’ll be talking all about this year’s line-up.

But that’s not all – I think this will come as a real shocker, but the Miku Z4 complete with this year’s paint job will be on display at the New Chitose Airport Domestic Arrival&Departure Lobby on the 2nd floor Center Plaza!  Anyone taking a flight in or out is in for a big surprise!

Of course, both the display and the presentation will both be on the 11th only, so please take note!  In addition, there will be a panel explaining the Miku GT project and all involvement with ASCII.jp from 2008 to 2013, complete with race photos and everything.

Both the trophies and the front hood that you got a peek of on Twitter will be on display, too!

As soon as Wonder Festival is over, Aki, Ukyo and the Z4 will all head over to Hokkaido.

We hope everyone in Hokkaido will come out and pay us a visit!



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