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Thanks for Coming to the Victory Party and Ita-G Fest!


First of all, a big thanks to everyone who came out to the victory party and attended the live broadcast last week!

It was the first Victory Party in a long time.  Everyone on the team was super excited – far too excited – so there was an almost crazy vibe going on during the live broadcast and during the discussion session.  But since we haven’t had than many victories this year, I’m hoping you’ll let it slide.

Let me show you some pics from from the Victory Party!

The event started with a toast from Representative Suzuki.  Even the mechanics took the stage, taking the discussions up a level.

20130924 party 1    20130924 party 2

During the live broadcast everyone let the drinks go straight to their heads and rambled on like there’s no tomorrow – it was probably the most verbose but simultaneously one of the most interesting highlights of the season.  Sports Director Ukyo and Driver Taniguchi usually don’t drink – it was quite obvious, lol!

20130924 party 3    20130924 party 4

Outside of the live broadcast, everyone went into the crowd to toast with fans.  And after the live broadcast, they brought out a treasure of GSR goods to hand out!  Driver Kataoka was super psyched.

20130924 party 5    20130924 party 6

All three of our Racing Miku Supporters also there to grace the stage.  Miss Ellaina came directly from some other business to complete this rare gathering of all 3 Hatsune Miku race queens!

20130924 party 7    20130924 party 8

Next up, let me thank everyone who made it out to the “Ita-G Fest” at Odaiba on the 22nd.  There were all sorts of events going on that day, but we had a great turn out!

Here we have the BMW Z4 that won at Fuji International Speedway just the other day, our 1st Place Trophy, and the figma Racing Miku 2013 Ver. decoration master on display.  There were also various GSR goods for sale.

20130924 ita 1    20130924 ita 2

20130924 ita 3    20130924 ita 4

As it was a rare opportunity for fans to get up close and personal with an authentic racing machine, there were a lot of people taking photos.  And there was no chain partition to block it off, s0 you could get even closer than on a GT grid walk to shoot!

A lot of people came by to photograph the illustration by saitom as well!

Racing Miku Supporter Ellaina was away to participate in the Tokyo Game Show, but Tsuttsu and Senya were there to help us out all day.  Were all you fans able to take the opportunity and chat them up?

20130924 ita 5    20130924 ita 6

At the end of the day, we had the car sent to the RS Fine garage crew to prep for the next race at Autopolis.  We’ve just won and that’s the best reason to keep the car in tip-top shape!  We hope you’ll be cheering us on!




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