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Thanks for Coming to the Fukuoka Photo Shoot!


It was GSR’s first time to travel to Fukuoka.  We had no concerns about Kelal as she’s a local, but none of the other GSR members are too familiar with Fukuoka so we weren’t quite sure what would happen.  But as we had such a large turn out for the photo sessions, especially people from the Kyushu region, we have nothing but gratitude for you all.  There were even people who came all the way from Touhoku (on the opposite side of Japan)!

We have the photo contest going on right now, so please go over and show your support for your favorite photos and photographers from the photo shoot!  The grand prize GSR Prize winner will receive a Race Queen Umbrella (with all 4 Racing Miku Supporters’ signatures)!

>>  Racing Miku Supporters Photo Contest – Round 2

Don’t forget – the next Racing Miku Supporters Photo Shoot will be on

(Sun) 11/2 in Osaka!

Registration will be open from October.  Be sure to mark your calendars and keep the day open!  We look forward to seeing everyone from the Kansai Region!

Lastly, let me share with you some of the photos I took.  Seeing the Racing Miku Supporters in a way that you’re never able to see them at the circuit, and having the opportunity to photograph them at your leisure are both something you only get to experience at a photo shoot.

20140924 gsr 01     20140924 gsr 02

20140924 gsr 03     20140924 gsr 04

20140924 gsr 05     20140924 gsr 06

20140924 gsr 07     20140924 gsr 08

20140924 gsr 09     20140924 gsr 10

20140924 gsr 11     20140924 gsr 12

20140924 gsr 13     20140924 gsr 14


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