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Thanks for Coming to Our Victory Party


Even though it was a weekday, we were truly moved that we could celebrate our 2nd consecutive victory with so many people!  To everyone who came out, as well as to everyone who watched our Niconico live webcast, thank you all so much!

We’ll be receiving some professional photos a bit later, so for now let me show you some photos that I took at the event.

20140530 party 01

There were even more people in attendance than usual, so we had to figure out a new way to line everyone up on the spot.  Pretty impressive, right!

20140530 party 02

This is Shun after the event was over and he was finally free.  Here he’s saying, “No – no drinks for me!”

We received flowers, too!

20140530 party 03

Even from Bushiroad Company President, Mr. Takaaki Kidani!

20140530 party 04      20140530 party 05

Thank you all so very much!

As for the “Grid Girl Caricature Contest” we held during the live broadcast, the grid girl for Autopolis will be Senya!

Let’s take a look at everyone’s signed illustration!

20140530 party 06

Senya drew wooser!

20140530 party 07

Noa drew Aki, Taniguchi, and Kataoka!

20140530 party 08

Kelal drew General Manager Tomomi Takezawa!

20140530 party 09

And Tsuttsu drew Osawa, someone introduced during the live webcast as an important player behind the scenes!

20140530 party 10

As a bonus, here’s Ayami’s picture of Tsuttsu!  By the way, the Haruka Aoi that Crew Chief Itsuo Ohashi drew was pretty popular, too, but I’ll show that one to you next time – lol^^

Round 3 is soon upon us!  We’re going to do our best to make it a 3 straight wins in a row, so we hope you’ll be cheering us on!

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