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Thanks for Coming to Our Victory Party & Pep Rally!


A big thanks to everyone who made it out to our double booked Victory Party and “Taking Back the Throne” Mega Pep Rally!

And another big thanks to everyone who watched our NicoNico Live broadcast!

It had only been just one month since our last get together, so we were really surprised and truly honored at how big of a turnout we had.

Everyone was rolling from Representative Suzuki’s opening, “Whoomp!  There it is!” (Or the Japanese equivalent at least – lol)  And things just got better from there!

So then, let’s take a look back at the event together with some great pics.  We’ll be using a new strategy next race incorporating some fan suggestions, so I’ll be going over that next.

First of all, the toast!

20131026 victory party 1

Next up, both drivers gave a play-by-play with edited race footage behind them.  Nothing I can reveal here – lol^^

20131026 victory party 2

Then the Racing Miku Supporters led a present give-away!  As a surprise, they gave all high-level donators behind the scenes passes!

20131026 victory party 3

The team staff was there to have a great time with everyone, too!  GSR is your only chance to have a drink with Mr. Ukyo!

20131026 victory party 4      20131026 victory party 5

All the mechanics and BMW Japan staff were there to celebrate, too!

20131026 victory party 6

We had a bit of an accident right at the beginning of the broadcast (sorry about that…), but the live broadcast really helped bring together everyone at the party with viewers at home!  It was really a blast!

20131026 victory party 7      20131026 victory party 8

Last but not least, everyone got together for a commemorative photo!  All the people from Crypton and even Mari Shimazaki joined in!

20131026 victory party 9

Well, that about wraps it up!  I hope to see you all at the 3rd (!?) Victory Party!



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