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Thank you all! Racing Miku Supporter Osaka Photo Shoot Contest starts now!


Our Racing Miku Supporters Photo Shoot in Osaka became a battle with a typhoon, but we’re still holding a photo contest.

We’d planned on having our first session outdoors, but as it was raining hard we had it inside the studio.  The studio has both a roof and indoor area so we’d planned on having a lot of space, but I guess there’s nothing to be done about the weather…

20171024 gsr 1

OK, so for Session 1 everyone was in their personal clothes!  They’re all sporting some cool fall fashion!

Session 2 was in their uniforms.

20171024 gsr 2

That’s right – their Racing Miku Supporter costumes!  Someone asked for a shot that made their legs look longer, hence the low-angle shot.

Session 3 was business suits!  Or least it was supposed to be…

20171024 gsr 3

They look more like female police chiefs – lol.  Their little skit at the beginning seems to have been improvised – did you all enjoy it?

And for Session 4 they wore Halloween costumes.  It looks like they all chose the same theme.

20171024 gsr 4

This year’s team wear is a camouflage-style design by Avirex, which was apparently their inspiration.  But that zombie touch is very Halloween – lol.

In case you’re wondering, the guns they’re holding were brought by photo shoot participants.  Thank you all so much!

Please submit any photos you took at the photo shoot via the link below.  Any photo from one of the 4 Sessions, or the fan meeting are all OK!

A total of 4 entries (1 per session) are allowed per person!  Entries will be accepted until Nov. 24!  You can also post any photos you took on your blog or Twitter account.  For Twitter, please use the hashtag #fightgsr.  But before you do, please enter them in the photo contest!

* You may only enter photos that you have taken.

>> Osaka Photo Shoot Contest (PC)

>> Osaka Photo Shoot Contest (Smart Phone)


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