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Test Run Day 1 – Team Comments


Good morning!  Swemy here!  After day 1 of the Test Run finished up, I asked for some general comments about the day from members of the team.

As this was basically a test for the tires, a lot of things are hush-hush of course, but I think they gave a lot of insight given the parameters of what they could say.


Director Istuo Ohashi

We had both rain and dry weather in the morning, with the track conditions constantly changing, so it felt like pretty comprehensive test overall.  In the afternoon, Taniguchi tested all sorts of tires, but I don’t know – maybe we need a little something extra to exceed car’s basic potential?  In other words, we’re pretty close – so what else would you expect?


Driver Nobuteru Taniguchi

Yokohama Tires had various types of tires for us, and they all had great grip.  Though they’re all pretty good in my opinion, our difference of speed in the straightaways is… well…  I think this is the one thing that no one can do anything about.  On the other hand, even with a slower top speed, we had one of the best lap times, so our cornering capability is not bad at all.


Driver Tatsuya Kataoka

Right at the very start we had to outfit the car with slick tires.  The car’s balance was good overall, so we thought we’d give the tires a bit of a test, but the range of the tires was different than we’d anticipated, so the balance was thrown off in the end.  In the afternoon, we were like, “It’s definitely a problem with the tire’s range,” and gave it another go.  But every time I climbed behind the wheel the rain started to fall, so by the end every one thought I was jinxed as some sort of “rain man” – lol.



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