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Taking Back the Throne!!!


Hello, sirs and mams!

It’s me, your humble servant Mr. Suzuki, Inc., the GSR&Studie with Team UKYO Representative.

Today, I’d like to give you all a shout out that’s even louder than usual!  (Can you hear me?!)

First of all and most importantly, I’d like to thank you all once again for cheering us on ’til your voices literally gave out on Sept. 8th.  Thanks to all of your support, we were able to attain our first victory since Round 2 of last year – that’s the first time in one year and four months!!!

Thank you, thank you – and thank you all so very much.

I believe I speak for both myself and the team, as well as everyone else out there, when I say that the cuts run deep from what happened at the last race at Suzaku, and that even with our determined fighting spirit and positive thinking, our hearts felt a bit broken from the misfortune we faced…


With this victory all of that has been put behind us!!!  ♪\(*T▽T*)/

And I’m sure it’s done the same for you!

20130910 fuji win 1

This win has put us just 18 points behind the super fast Mugen CR-Z that’s currently on top, and a mere 4 points behind our eternal rival the Gainer SLS in 2nd!

That’s right, we’ve finally got to show them what we’re made of!

But to be quite honest, both the discrepancy of power as well as the discrepancy of fortune are both our allies in this race (I hope! lol), so let’s not think too hard about the complicated stuff (not really my strong point anyway!).  I think our winning streak will carry over to the next race at the Autopolis as well as at the last race at Motegi.  This season has had its fair share of ups and downs, but from here on out you’re going to be sitting at the edge of your seats!   And although that might be slightly uncomfortable (^_^; I hope you’ll stay behind us and cheer us on until the very end!

I’m almost at the end here, but would like to make one more announcement.  On Sept. 20 – 22 at the Fuji Speedway they’ll be holding the Asain Le Man Series Race.  This year it will be a joint event, held together with the Super GT, and GT300 teams will be able to compete.  However, as the points awarded will be significantly lower than a normal win, we’ve decided that we won’t be participating.

There are several reasons behind this decision, but if I were to name the biggest one, it would have to be that we didn’t intend to compete in the Asian Le Man from the get-go.  If our engine and other vital parts were to suffer any wear, it would increase the possibilities of experiencing difficulty during these final 2 and most important races and our recovery time is running out.

Of course, if the works team were to just always have a spare for every part that may fail, it would sure seem like everything would work out, but…  unfortunately, we’re just not able to make that happen given the current constraints.  To put this another way, our team, staff, and everyone else on the line is putting all they have into these final two races to make sure that we’re able to meet this year’s goal of “Taking Back the Throne!“  And not that I want to push, but every little bit you give helps us go the extra mile! (^O^;  So please, everyone, show us your support now more than ever – in your chants, in your cheers, and even in your donations.   Thank you all very much for listening (er, reading)!!!

Yasuaki “BOB” Suzuki

Studie AG Representative Director

GSR&Studie with Team UKYO Entrant Representative

20130910 fuji win2

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